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Our services - Outsourcing
We have a culture of problem-solving that enable us in offering more value to the various needs of our clients. All our HR consultants have postgraduate qualification and have significant experience in business or consulting careers prior to joining our placement consultancy firm. Unlike many other placement consultancy firms, most of our professionals are multilingual and multicultural and have worked in several regions across the globe and are well prepared to understand the issues to deal effectively with business operations in the global economy.

Our placement consultancy firm's core strength lies in knowledge and industry expertise blended with the rich experience of our HR consultants in various industrial sectors they serve. Our extensive state-of-the-art database of resumes and contact names is constantly updated and cross-referenced to ensure top quality and efficiency.

Accurate and reliable information on industries and executives, within the region forms the very basis on which our reputation as a team of reliable HR consultants is built on. Continuous research, networking, and staying in touch with the senior executives for various ongoing assignments, have gone a long way to enable us in achieving this seemingly impossible goal.

Some of our specialties that make us a reliable business partner for our clients are:

* We provide the best recruitment solutions for every assignment while ensuring the quality, integrity and    expertise.
* We employ a team approach for every assignment, which ensures the highest level of consultancy service    to our clients. Our HR consultants are selected for their experience, expertise and geographic reach.
* Our vast network of resources, which spans all across the world, enables us in finding the right candidate    you expect with the promptness you need.
* We go through every bit and piece of our client's requirements to fulfill their specific needs.

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